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230 kV Skid Detail

230 kV Solar HV Skid

230 kV Solar HV Skid Overhead View

The High Voltage Module is a skid based solution for the HV switchyard.  The high voltage module includes an SF-6 breaker, motor operated disconnect switch with manual ground blade, three (3) four (4) core CVTs for metering and protection and a mast with arrestors for customer take off.  The module is bolted together and ships in a flat rack or pallet.  The module is designed to mount on piers or pilings via the bolt tabs found on the bottom runner of the skid.   All connectors, jumpers, conductor and ground wire and connections are included with the high voltage skid module.   The drawing shown the connections and individual components. The example shows the 245kV skid in both the drawing and photo.  These are included for reference.

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