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Balance of system (BOS) solutions developed  / coordinated directly with manufacturers supplying 600VAC string inverters in the USA. Quick ship items in as little as 6 weeks!!!

Wall Mount up to 600VAC, 400-800A AC Combiner

600vac 01.jpg
600VAC 02.png

Circuit Breaker Style 

  • Combines two to eight string inverters

  • 480VAC – 600VAC 3PH, 3W or 4W

  • 400A to 800A bus rating, MLO

  • 40A to 250A MCCBs, TM or ETU trip, 80% or 100% rated

  • Interrupt ratings 18kAIC to 50kAIC @ 600VAC

  • Incoming cable size to 250MCM

  • Outgoing cable size 350 - 750MCM multiple cables per phase

  • NEMA 3R, 4 or 4X enclosures available

  • UL 891 or UL 508A certified option


Pictured (Left): UL / NEMA 3R, 400A AC combiner behind N3R door (dead front). Pictured (Right): Dead front removed.   

02 070819.PNG

Fusible Disconnect Style

  • Combine two to eight string inverters

  • 480VAC – 600VAC 3PH, 3W or 4W

  • Non-fused disconnect output 400A / 600A /

  • 400A to 800A bus rating, MLO

  • 40A to 350A fuses

  • Interrupt rating up to 18 to 100kAIC @  

  • Incoming cable size to 350MCM

  • Outgoing cable size 350 to 600MCM, multiple cables per phase

  • NEMA 3R, 4 or 4X enclosures available

  • UL 508A Certified

600vac 03.png
600vac 04.png

Freestanding up to 600VAC, 1600 - 4000A AC Recombiner

UL 891 certified main breaker switchboard platform for both 480VAC and 600VAC string inverter applications.  Supporting up to (40) feeders in one PV rated switchboard.  Multiple feeder breaker size options and combinations available, with bus ampacities from 1600A to 4000A.   MVT connections available by direct bus or by cable.

Product Details

  • Combiner and / or recombiner functionality

  • 480 or 600VAC, 3PH, 4W (90”x 60”x 36”)

  • 1600A to 4000A main breaker / bus rating options

  • Drives up to 3,000kVA transformer @ 600VAC

  • Main lug only option also available

  • High density (up to 40 x 100AF) branch feeders

  • Feeder ranges: 100AF, 150AF, 250AF, 400AF, 600AF, 800AF

  • Feeder trip type:  Thermal Mag or Electronic Trip

  • Interrupt Ratings:

    • 65kAIC @ 480VAC

    • 50kAIC @ 600VAC

  • Surge suppressor option

  • Oversized lug options for feeders available

  • CT / PT / metering packages available

  • Thermally engineered NEMA 3R enclosure


600VAC 07.png
600VAC 08.jpg
600VAC 06_edited.png

Additional Views

Pictured (Above): UL / NEMA 3R 480 / 600VAC, 4000A bus, 4000A main with qty (20) 150AF MCCB feeders

Pictured (Left): Unit with NEMA / UL 3R doors closed.

This AC Recombiner platform provides maximum of (30) feeders @ 150AF or 250AF and (40) feeders @ 100AF, plus main breaker, in a compact 90” x 60” x 36” unit size.


Pictured (Right): Interior view of 4000A unit with dead front removed.  Cable entry at the bottom, unit either direct cabled to MVT (see rear of flyer) or directly cabled.  

Call for part number configuartion and pricing

480VAC – 600VAC BOS Equipment

Custom Throated Transformer Connections

Product Details

  • Single or dual recombiner direct bussed connections to MVT

  • MVT / block sizes:  Single up to 3,000kVA, dual up to 5,000kVA

  • Available with bare copper bus bars for MVT connection, or optional UL listed ERIFLEX flexible bus bars

  • Engineered, PE stamped recombiner / transformer skids available


600vac 10.jpg
600vac 11.jpg
600vac 09.png

Pictured (Above): Single 600VAC, 4000A, UL / NEMA 3R UL 891 switchboard with close coupled bus connection to 2,800kVA MV transformer. 

Pictured (Left):  Rear unit view showing close up on direct bus tie to MVT. 


Pictured (Right): Full back view.

600VAC Revenue Metering and Auxiliary Power Panels

Product Details - Revenue Metering

  • 600VAC rated PTs and CTs for standard and revenue grade metering

  • UL508A rated metering cabinet, style matched to AC Recombiner

  • MCCB monitoring and control (aux contact and shunt trip) available


Details - Auxiliary Power Panels

  • UL Listed Powertran “Powercenter” combines auxiliary transformer and circuit breaker distribution functions into one cabinet

  • Sizing from 5kVA to 30kVA: Primary voltages 800 / 600 / 480VAC


600vac 12.jpg
  • Secondary voltages 480 / 240 / 120VAC​

  • Compact and economical solution for auxiliary power loads, including SCADA, tracker motors,heating and cooling, etc.


Pictured (Left):  Top down view of 7.5kVA power center 480: 240/120 with (7) secondary MCBs. 


Pictured (Right): 800VAC metering cabinet (view door removed) with PTs and ION 8650 revenue grade meter.

Call for part number configuartion and pricing

600VAC 13.jpg

UL 891 – 480VAC to 600VAC, 1600 - 4000A Recombiner Panels (Additional Photos)

12 070819.png
13 070819.png
14 070819.png
15 070819.png

Pictured (Left): 4000A, 480/600VAC view with NEMA 3R doors closed. Pictured (Left Center): Dead front view behind NEMA 3R doors. Pictured (Right Center): Behind dead front view. Pictured (Right): Rear view showing 4000A bus and exit to MV transformer.

18 070819.jpg
16 070819.jpg
17 070819.jpg

Pictured (Left): 4000A, 480/600VAC labeling. Pictured (Center): Unit one line label. Pictured (Right): Close up of 4000A bus work for transformer connection.

600VAC 05.PNG
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