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Balance of system (BOS) solutions developed  / coordinated directly with manufacturers supplying 800VAC string inverters in the USA. Ready to ship in 8-10 weeks!!!

Wall Mount 800VAC, 400A - 600A AC Combiner


Typical Ratings

  • Pictured 2 MCCB, up to 4 MCCB available

  • MCCB size - 80 to 150A, TM trip, 100% rated

  • 800VAC, 3PH, 3W

  • Incoming lug up to 250MCM, outgoing lug up to 750MCM, crimp or mechanical

  • 400A - 600A bus, MLO

  • Interrupt Rating 25KAIC @ 800VAC

  • UL / NEMA 3R, thermally engineered enclosure

Pictured (Left): UL / NEMA 3R 800VAC, 400A MCCB AC Combiner, NEMA 3R door removed

800VAC Combiner Part Number Guide.PNG

Free Standing 800VAC, 2500A AC Recombiner 

Typical Ratings

  • 800VAC, 3PH, 3W/4W (84”x 54”x 32”)

  • 2500A bus, MLO, drives up to 2,900 kVA transformer

  • Interrupt Rating to 35KAIC @ 800VAC

  • Up to (14) MCCBs up to 300A each (100% rated), TM or ETU trip

  • Can be utilized as an AC combiner or recombiner

  • Cable or direct bus connection to MVT

  • CT / PT / metering packages available

  • Surge suppressor option

  • Thermal management (cooling, heat) options

  • UL / NEMA 3R, painted white enclosure   

Pictured (Right): UL / NEMA 3R, 800VAC, 2500A MLO AC Recombiner with direct bus UL 870 wireway.

800V w direct bus_edited.png

Custom Throated Transformer Connections

pic 2.jpg


  • Single or dual recombiner direct bus connections to MVT

  • MVT / block sizes:  Single up to 2,900kVA, Dual up to 5,000kVA

  • Available with bare copper bus bars for MVT connection, or optional UL listed ERIFLEX flexible bus bars

  • Engineered, PE stamped recombiner / transformer skids available

pic 3.jpg

Pictured (Top Left): Dual 800VAC, MLO, 2500A, UL / NEMA 3R, UL 891A switchboards with close coupled bus connection to a 4MVA MV transformer. Shown with optional painted steel equipment skid.    

Pictured (Left and Above): Views of the 800VAC recombiner, painted white for best thermal characteristics, with bus trough.

800VAC Revenue Metering and Auxiliary Power Panels

Details - Revenue Metering

  • 800VAC rated PTs and CTs for standard and revenue grade metering

  • UL508A rated metering cabinet, style matched to AC Recombiner

  • MCCB monitoring and control (aux contact and shunt trip) available

pic 5.jpg

Details - Auxuliary Power Panels

  • UL Listed Powertran “Powercenter” combines auxiliary transformer and circuit breaker distribution functions into one cabinet

  • Sizing from 5kVA to 30kVA: Primary voltages 800 / 600 / 480VAC

  • Secondary voltages 480 / 240 / 120VAC

  • Compact and economical solution for auxiliary power loads, including SCADA, tracker motors, heating and cooling, etc.

pic 4.jpg

Pictured (Top Left): Top down view of 7.5kVA power center 480: 240/120 with (7) secondary MCBs. Pictured (Top Right): 800VAC metering cabinet (view door removed) with PTs and ION 8650 revenue grade meter. Pictured (Below): Field Picture of 800VAC direct connected to MVT.

Field Pic 800VAC direct conn to MVT.jpg
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