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DC Switches

D200 Disconnect

EPEC partner PC&S (Stanhope, NJ) specializes in power measurement and controls. They are manufacturers and suppliers of products for the solar industry including: DC Contactors, DC Switches, DC Power Meters. Their staff of electrical / instrumentation engineers is available to provide customized and integrated customer solutions.

TerraVac DH 200 DC Contactor

Coil Operating Voltage

DC Power Meter

The M850-LDD is a multifunction power meter measuring all DC parameters, with the option of providing RS-485 (Modbus) communication and a pulsed output in 96 x 96 DIN mount case.

DC Power Transducer

The M553-CTXDC PowerCom is a multifunction power transducer providing RS-485 (Modbus RTU) communication and a relay (pulsed or control) output in a 55mm DIN rail mount enclosure.

DC Power Transducer

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