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  • Site location evaluations

  • AC & DC design engineering

  • Interconnect applications and contract negotiations

  • Point of interconnect design engineering

  • System protection and relay coordination

  • System witness testing

  • Overhead and underground distribution design and  staking

  • Specifications and contracts for material, equipment and construction

  • Arc flash studies and hazard analysis

  • Power flow studies and analysis

  • TELCO grounding potential rise studies ​


Distribution Services 

  • Design and Construction Standards

  • System Planning

  • Overhead and Underground Distribution Line Design and Staking

  • Specifications and Contracts for Material Equipment & Construction

  • Substation Design and Construction Coordination

  • Communication System/ Fiber Optic Integration

  • Construction Management and Documentation

  • Utility Equipment Specifications and Procurement 

System Protection and Relaying

  • Distribution Sectionalizing and Coordination

  • Distribution Relay Settings

  • Feeder and Asset Protection

Solar Plant SCADA - Secure, Flexible Monitoring

EPEC Solutions' partner Control Infotech (CI) provides a highly scaleable, affordable and powerful SCADA solution for PV solar generation facilities with the SolarSite product. Cost effective from commercial  facilities of 300 kW yet powerful enough to handle utility scale plants of 550 MW, the SolarSite system features Siemens WinCC OA technology at the core. SolarSite offers these benefits: 


  • Full SCADA capabilities

  • Real time graphics & monitoring, cloud based or local

  • IoS & Android clients supported

  • Historical data & analysis

  • Performance KPI’s & reports

  • Alarm & event management

  • Optional cloud aggregation of many sites

  • Over 100 drivers available to support all inverters, trackers, etc.

  • Fully secure communications

MicroGrid / Demand Response Controls

  • Connect / disconnect any inverter at a site

  • Set maximum power

  • Set power factor

  • Set reactive power (leading / lagging)

  • Closed loop control

  • Energy storage control (if employed)



Electric Utility Engineering*

Photovoltaic Renewable Energy Engineering*

Electric Metering

  • Meter System Design

  • System Component Specifications

  • Electronic Meter Programming & Interrogation 

  • Field Wiring and Inspection

SCADA and Automation

  • Electric Utility SCADA System Evaluation, Design, Integration

  • Substation Automation

  • Distribution Automation

  • Fiber, Radio and TELCO Communication System Design

  • System Design Documentation and Specifications

  • Installation, Commissioning and Training


*Engineering services in partnership with Mr. Keith Hardt of Pungo Engineering Services.

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