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Quick Tour SolarSite SCADA

‘SolarSite SCADA” typical system architecture. The system provides real time monitoring capability via secure internet, IoS and Android clients. SMS and email messages alert maintenance of any issues, dashboards provide system operating metrics at a glance.

System Architecture

Multi-site Overview Screen 

SolarSite SCADA is a fully scalable system.  Whether one 200 kW site or two hundred  1 MW sites – the system is cost effective  and powerful.  Multiple sites can be monitored over cellular communication links.  Monitoring stations (clients) include computers, tablets and phones.

This overview screen provides a site overview screen for multiple sites.

Equipment KPI Dashboard

Once a site is selected equipment overview screens detail operation at a specific site.

This configurable “inverter overview” screen provides key performance indicators (KPI) of each inverter.

Equipment Operating Detail

By selecting any specific inverter the operator can “drill down” to find all relevant operating details for a specific target inverter.

Weather Station Detail

Weather station information is displayed and logged. 

SolarSite SCADA can also calculate and provide production forecasting to owners, utilities and ISO’s.

Alarms are displayed and logged, and distributed via email or SMS (configurable).

Alarm Annunciation & Logging

Substation Monitoring

SolarSite SCADA also monitors transmission interconnect substations.  With over 100 drivers to choose from about any devices and protocol required available. 


Our engineering staff provides protection and control engineering expertise to assist with transmission interconnect substations.

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